Sports Turf Maintenance

Our expertise in the development and maintenance of sports parks and fields is second to none, and the credentials of our key staff are well proven.

Our range of services covers all aspects of sports field services including contract and project management, technical expertise, construction and irrigation projects and relationship building (with customer, codes, clubs and community). Responsibilities are extensive, ranging from bookings and closures, turf maintenance and cricket wicket maintenance, to club and code liaison. We have a strong focus on building customer and stakeholder relationships supported by excellence in service and a high technical ability. Recreational Services has specialised in the high standard care and maintenance of cricket grounds since 1996. Our groundsmen look after a range of cricket grounds including one International pitch. The remaining team maintain to a Premier standard as a matter of course. Our team is made up of personnel who are either formally qualified or training towards a turf qualification. Each has a passion for cricket ground maintenance and is dedicated to ensuring a high level of wicket performance.

At Recreational Services we work diligently to maintain strong working relationships with local cricket organisations including Auckland Cricket, Northland Cricket and Wairarapa Cricket as well as New Zealand cricket. This ensures continuous feedback between all parties, resulting in consistent wicket quality.

In addition to the cricket specific turf managers / groundsmen - we have dedicated turf managers and line-markers for more general sports fields. This work includes:

  • Turf asset condition reporting, including weed, pest and disease condition reporting.
  • Chemical weed, pest and disease control.
  • Divot repairs.
  • Turfing worn and damaged areas with relevant sand or soil turf.
  • Ground management including closures.
  • Fertiliser application and spraying.
  • Rolling, slicing, spiking and verti-draining.
  • Set out and initial line marking for all sports in water based paint using both mechanical and hand machines – although we are well experienced in oil marking, paint marking is our method of choice.
  • Weekly marking of all sports fields including cricket boundaries.

All our turf managers have a thorough working knowledge of irrigation principles and sound experience with a range of irrigation systems – we see these skills as being as fundamental to good turf management as the water is to the turf itself. All of our Operational Managers and Turf Managers are trained extensively in irrigation maintenance and our construction teams are trained in irrigation installation. A specialist irrigation team supports our operational divisions – they carry out all installation projects and are readily available to all teams for advice and expertise as required.

Our experience spans a range of irrigation systems including Hunter ICC, IrriNet Scorpio, Oasis Philma, Irritol, Toro 4 Station ECS, Toro XF416, Rainbird CRC, Vision Systems, Richedell 2000 and Rainbird ESP-6.