The Recreation Services contract was won on 1st July 2015 to cover the management and care of parks and reserves within the eastern and northern regions of Ōtautahi Christchurch. The scope of the contract has subsequently evolved and we now maintain over 955 sites.

It is a privilege to be working in collaboration with a council that is so passionate about its parks and has a real desire to get the ‘garden’ back into the ‘Garden City’. The vision of Christchurch City Council is a city of opportunity for all, one that is open to new concepts and people, and adapts to the changing environment. To complement this, our team creates exceptional spaces that the public can use and which support a more sustainable city.

Services We Provide

Parks Management and Maintenance

Includes informal and amenity mowing and horticulture maintenance for annuals, perennials, revegetation, roses, shrub gardens and hedges; chemical weed control; annual amenity garden maintenance; targeted noxious weed control; as well as asset and playground maintenance, litter bin management, and reporting.

Sports Park Maintenance

Includes cricket block and pitch maintenance, turf management, renovations, mowing, irrigation, asset maintenance and field inspections.


Christchurch Projects

Our Christchurch Projects division was established in 2019 and our expert team works on various projects, ranging from small to large and high profile. Recreational Services prides itself on providing an exceptional service and works closely with the client to deliver inspiring spaces.

Includes biodiversity works (including eco-sourced seedling harvesting and planting); targeted noxious weed control; playground maintenance and inspections; furniture and asset installation; sports field condition reporting; track building; gardening; landscape design and construction; hard and soft landscaping; mowing of school grounds and business parks; retirement home maintenance; golf course renovation and maintenance; cricket block construction, renovation and maintenance; arboriculture; smart bin maintenance; and facilities maintenance.

Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust

Recreational Services has been responsible for maintaining the grounds of approximately 110 sites for the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust (OCHT) since October 2020. OCHT is a registered community housing provider, and our team is proud to be part of its vision to continuously improve tenant outcomes and facilities.

The scope of services provided includes hedge trimming; garden and hard-surface maintenance; chemical weed control, noxious weed removal; waste removal; site mapping; and reporting of graffiti, reactive works.