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On 1st July 2013 we commenced working on the Auckland council’s graffiti eradication contract for the Auckland North Urban and Rural contract. Two specialist staff members with fully equipped vehicles cover the Auckland North area and remove graffiti as soon as possible after is has been reported. 

Our graffiti team respond to all graffiti vandalism issues reported via the Auckland Council Call-centre and we operate 7 days a week. In addiction 14 Recreational Services trucks with 17 facilities staff are equipped with the correct paint colour palette for the facilities we look after, this gives staff the ability to deal with issues before they are seen and reported by the public.

A number of these facilities during the high season may be visited up to 3 times a day which provides Recreational Services the ability to proactively manage some of the more high volume graffiti sites. Recreational Services has partnered with city Nissan, Resene, Speedy Signs and Bluelight to help keep our community graffiti free as we believe that a strong community response sends a clear message to those involved that graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated within our community.

To be successful in eradicating graffiti everyone in the community needs to play their part and by working collaboratively and working in partnerships we can achieve more than as individuals and drive home the message that graffiti vandalism is simply not acceptable. 

Adopt a Spot Programme

Recreational Services is highly supportive of any initiatives that reduce community vandalism and are active supporters and promoters of Auckland Councils Adopt-a-spot programme which helps neighbourhoods and communities to combat graffiti vandalism. The programme enables volunteers to take ownership of an area in their neighbourhood to look after and keep it graffiti free, the area you can adopt can be as big or small as you wish. Materials such as paint, brushes and other equipment maybe supplied so that volunteers can help remove graffiti from their own or others properties. Whether you are one person, a member of a group, or a business association, you can Adopt-a-spot, to help keep your neighbourhood graffiti free.

You may just want to report graffiti if you see it on someone else’s property, not just your own, whether it is private or commercial property and our graffiti team can take your enquiry from there.

Renewal Projects


We are currently operating with a small team doing ‘Greenspace’ construction and horticultural projects.Our goal is to consistently deliver to our clients a quality standard of work with a professional and solution based approach.We are focused on developing and growing our current staffing and skill base and operations within ‘Projects’ to become a leading supplier of construction services in the ‘Greenspace Sector’.

Our primary client being Auckland Council, however we are also engaged to undertake work for Auckland Transport, WaterCare Services, roading contractors and commercial construction companies.

Many projects include engaging and managing various sub-contractors to carry out specific associated work. Within the organisation we have access to a broad range of machinery equipment and experienced staff that can contribute to the variety of works we are involved with.

Current and recent projects include but not limited to works associated with engineered storm-water ponds and mitigation planting, construction of a variety of track, footpath and stair types, retaining wall and fence construction, timber boardwalk and bridge repairs, bollard and chain gate installations, skate parks and playgrounds construction, all within Auckland Parks and Reserves.  

/industries/councils/recent-projects/renewal-projects/ Eden Park Stadium

In 1999, Recreational Services was awarded the contract to maintain all fields at Eden Park. 

Our contract included active involvement in Eden Park’s strategic planning, short-term solutions and long-term feasibility plans and included examining options for portable pitches, pitch reconstruction and a long-term project of a full ground reconstruction.  As a result of this work we built Eden Parks first portable cricket pitch and brought in the first one-piece portable cricket pitch remover to be used in this country.  This process revolutionised pitch management at Eden Park and has since been adopted in Wellington’s Westpac Stadium along with the turf system that was recommended by Recreational services and grown in at our turf farm and has been installed at AMI and Hamilton stadiums. 

Recreational Services worked closely with the Senior Management Team and the Board at Eden Park to continuously review, evaluate and recommend new technology and options to ensure Eden Park was the number one sporting facility in New Zealand. 

The contract included the maintenance and preparation of the fields for all codes, from club fixtures to international games and turf consulting advice. 

Services Provided: 

  • Special projects (review, evaluation and recommendations).

  • Cricket wickets.

  • Fertilising.

  • Sports field and turf maintenance, irrigation management, divot repair, renovations, integrated pest management, non-chemical line marking, goal post assembly and dismantling. 

  • Mowing and mechanical edging. 


/industries/stadiums/recent-projects/eden-park-stadium/ Onewa Domain


Rugby World Cup Training Venue

After completing an extensive upgrade of all three fields in this sports park, our sports field and horticulture teams then worked to ensure that this prime venue was in tip-top condition for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The team continue to receive rave reviews about their work at this sports park.

/industries/councils/recent-projects/onewa-domain/ North Harbour Stadium


In February 1997, Recreational Services was selected to carry out monthly maintenance of the North Harbour Stadium.

Three months prior to the first event and opening, Recreational Services was enlisted to ensure the main stadium field, the four outer fields and five hectares of passive area were up to the appropriate standard.  This included rebuilding the perimeter of the main field, up until handover this had been used as a road for the construction of the stand.

For the first 18 months after opening, our preparation at the Stadium involved all major events, these included All Black, All White, Kiwi Test Matches and American Football.  We worked closely with the Stadium Contract Manager, to ensure the required standards were achieved in the establishment and presentation of the field.  We achieved this while working within very tight scheduling requirements and a young field.

After seeing the Stadium up and running and through its first season, it was passed back to the Trust to manage.

Services Provided: 

  • Sports field and turf maintenance, irrigation management, divot repair, renovations, integrated pest management, non-chemical line marking, goal post assembly and dismantling.

  • Mowing and mechanical edging.

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