20 June 2021

Minimising Waste In Your Business - Tauranga Case Study

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case study

Waste Minimisation Case Study

Waste Minimisation for Businesses - Make less waste. Do more business. 


Recreational Services were nominated by Tauranga City Council to take part in a case study that focused on depot set up and some of the great environmental initiatives that were being carried out. 

Tauranga City Council is working alongside local businesses to foster a business community that values resources and eliminates waste to landfill.  They also work to facilitate the exchange of waste materials and assist businesses who are looking to create enterprises from the reuse, recycling and recovery of materials from commercial waste. Businesses can register their interest with Tauranga City Council who can arrange a representative to visit them and provide advice on better ways of utilising resources.


Click on link to read more about Recreational Services Case Study

Case Study

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