Council Selects New 3 Waters And Open Space Maintenance Partner


Friday 27 July 2018


Central Hawke’s Bay District Council yesterday awarded a new contract for the delivery of its Community Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Services to a joint venture between Recreational Services Limited and Veolia.

The new contract reflects an industry leading and innovative approach to maintenance services for Central Hawke’s Bay’s parks, sportsgrounds, cemeteries, water, wastewater and stormwater activities.  Recreational Services and Veolia are recognised industry leaders in their respective fields, with combined experience of over 190 years.

Central Hawke’s Bay District is in a period of exciting growth and development, with a strong and connected community, thriving economy, attractive rural lifestyle and prosperous future.

Mayor Alex Walker commented that the changes to this contract are a significant part of council’s commitment to the principles of Project THRIVE.  “Our community has such a strong sense of pride in Central Hawke’s Bay and Council wants to have partners that can help deliver on our big expectations. The new approach to this contract brings this ambition to life”, says Mayor Alex. 

The awarding of the contract comes after a comprehensive and robust two stage competitive process to find a contractor for a term of up to 11 years.  Councillor David Tennent a member of the Contract Evaluation panel, was impressed with the innovative and thorough approach to selecting new contractors.  “The process of selecting new contractors was extremely thorough with input from both management and Council representatives”, said Councillor Tennent.   “I am confident that the new companies of Recreational Services and Veolia will be innovative and have a genuine desire to join the culture the elected Council wishes for our community”.  Council unanimously approved a report to award the joint venture the contract at its extraordinary meeting on 26 July 2018.

“This new strategic partnership is a cornerstone in supporting the transformation of Central Hawke’s Bay District Council and in lifting the overall performance of our organization”, says Chief Executive Officer Monique Davidson.  “We have high expectations and confidence that our community will see long-lasting transformational change – this new partnership is a game-changer for Central Hawke’s Bay”.

Recreational Services Chief Executive Cameron Parr on behalf of the joint venture, was proud and privileged to be in Central Hawke’s Bay.

“We are incredibly humbled to be here in Central Hawke’s Bay”, said Mr Parr. 

“As companies with family based values, we place a lot of value on having close working relationships with our clients and the communities we work in.  We are looking forward to supporting Central Hawke’s Bay to THRIVE and delivering transformational change for the Community”, said Mr Parr. 

The new contract commences on 1 December 2018.