Mowing is a large and fundamental part of our business, across our contracts we mow 22.4 million m2 every year. We take great pride in this task and we unashamedly acknowledge that we have it down to a fine art.

Whether it be the mowing of amenity parks, highway berms, high profile top quality urban reclamations or sports parks, stadiums and golf greens, we have the machinery, staff and expertise for the job.

In conjunction with our mowing services, we provide edging and vegetation control services, utilizing both mechanical/line trimming and chemical methods as appropriate. As a general rule, our mowing teams carry out mechanical edging and other vegetation control, and our horticulture teams are responsible for chemical control methods.

There are a number of key factors which we believe contribute to our success in the achievement of high mowing service levels:

  • Effectively built teams of mowers and operators.
  • Our background and history as a specialist turf company means we really understand turf.
  • Operator involvement in the selection of mowers.
  • Strong administration including daily programming / regimes, follow up of uncompleted works and staff supervision.
  • Understanding and recognition of the local conditions, such as heavy growth and climate patterns.
  • Operator knowledge of where the sites are, and their boundaries.
  • The appointment of strong ‘Leading Hands’ who are leaders in the field and have the technical and supervisory skills to keep the pace and morale high.

The ability to benchmark practices between contracts in order to capture and replicate best practice and innovative procedures. We own one of the most extensive fleets of specialised mowing machinery (116) in the country. Our experience in turf management has conditioned our staff to be very exacting in determining (and demanding) the best mower for the conditions and the result required.