We take great pride in being recognised not only as sports parks specialists but as parks specialists. Today, amenity parks and sports parks share equal relatively portions of our business at approximately 48% each. 

As a parks company, all of our staff are all keenly aware of the enjoyment that parks provide – with wide open spaces, colours, textures and fresh, natural beauty.

Our horticulture teams are especially aware of this, and the fact that park gardens are a very emotive aspect of our communities.

Gardens if done well can identify a region, define a community, evoke a sense of history and unity, and provide great enjoyment. Our horticulture staff enjoys the creative pleasure of their work and communities enjoy the visual pleasure that is a result of their labours. Across our contracts we have extensive experience in maintaining and developing over 480,000m2 of shrub and perennial gardens and over 15,000m2 of high profile areas (such as rose gardens and key civic areas) to the highest possible standards, and we allocate our most senior skilled staff to carry out this exacting work.

These staff are also responsible for training and supervising upcoming workers – this ensures that high standards are maintained and also that we develop an ever growing pool of trained and experienced staff to draw on.