For all our amenity contracts, Recreational Services carries out maintenance on all hard/fixed assets, from general, regular upkeep through to building maintenance and more significant repair work. 

Our responsibilities also include the inspection, maintenance and repair of water features and fountains, ensuring outlet drains are in good working order, that water runs clear, any mould, dirt or debris is removed and repairs carried out. As well we undertake asset condition rating and asset validation for our customers. In all we have 5 contracts that include assets and facilities maintenance. In some of these we have dedicated response teams carrying out these maintenance activities.

Waterways & Water Features

As well as the  general checking of water features and drains in our parks, we also have responsibility for large waterways such as waterfalls, lakes and rivers, including the upkeep of water related assets such as boat ramps, wharves and boardwalks. As part of maintaining waterways and lakes we monitor their in-take and out-flow gates.  Whenever it rains we monitor river levels and maintain a weir.  Once the water comes into the lake, we monitor levels and adjust the outflow as necessary. In all of our contracts we look after structures such as boat ramps, bridges, platforms and boardwalks.  We check and repair for splits, snags, corrosion and decay, carrying out detailed asset reporting and recommendations, inspecting and securing or isolating any vandalized, damaged or unsafe structures until repaired, plus cleaning, water blasting and weed control.