We are responsible for a full range of services involved in the management, maintenance and administration of 49 cemeteries. 

We treat this most sensitive area of our contracts with due seriousness, tact and sensitivity – respecting cultural issues, responding promptly, co-operatively and helpfully, and ensuring compliance with all of the relevant legislative and local authority requirements. Some of our senior staff attended the annual NZRA Cemeteries Conference for the most current learning’s in this important area of our business.

Our current cemetery management work includes:

  • Management of burial warrants and lot reservations
  • Management of plot allocations
  • Liaising with Funeral Directors, families and cemetery visitors
  • Excavation of graves for interments (both ash and full)
  • Preparation and presentation of grave sites
  • In-filling and capping of graves
  • Updating and maintaining records, including cemetery books and forwarding of data to the Council for the update of the online database.