Blue Light

We are proud to be New Zealand Blue Light organisation gold supporter. 

New Zealand Blue Light is a registered charity and community policing youth program that for over 30 years has run programs and activities for young people throughout New Zealand free from drugs, alcohol and violence. 

Blue Light works closely with the New Zealand Police to:

  • Reduce youth crime
  • Build community partnerships
  • Build young people‚Äôs self esteem
  • Enhance community safety
  • Build positive youth and police partnerships

Would you like to join this organisation and give them your support? 

Find out more information on their website.


Not for me 

We are proud to be the principal supporter of the Not For Me Charitable Trust. 

Not for Me helps selected charities in their fund raising activities by sourcing quality memorabilia, items and services which can be sold through auctions.  Procurement is perhaps the most important thing to consider when organising an auction - the success of an auction depends on the value and demand for items up for bid.  Some of the items secured by Not for Me to date include pieces signed by Sir Edmund Hillary, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, David Beckham, Michael Schumacher, Michael Campbell and Buck Shelford. Since early 2007, Not for Me has helped raise just over $350,000 for the benefit of other charities.

Other notable donations over the last 12 months include $3,500 to the Wellsford Fire Brigade which was utilised to purchase a defibrillator for one of their response trucks and Cure Kids New Zealand through their Red Nose fundraising day we were able to contribute over $2,700 and added in employee organised fundraising totalled $6,655.

Within our donation spending we have over $8,400 for fund raising nights in relation to items for auction, these have all been for schools and have generally generated more in income for the schools than the cost of the donation.

Would like to join this organization and give them your support?

Find out more information on their website.