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We commenced work with the Manawatu District Council on the 29th February 2016 and are excited about working in this district with breath taking scenery, not to mention enhancing Feilding’s reputation as New Zealand’s most beautiful town.

Our contract covers the full spectrum of services involved in the management and care of all Parks and reserves within the district including horticultural works, sports parks services, arboriculture works, rubbish collection, facilities cleaning, mowing, and cemetery services.

The tender process was incredibly robust and thorough, the contract is performance driven potentially allowing Recreational Services to provide Parks and Open Space Management Services to Manawatu District Council for up to 7.25 years.  While this is very early days in our tenure the start-up has been very positive, this process included a scoring model that placed a realistic value on relationship and attributes with price not being measured until we had proven we could work with the Council.  

Services we provide:

Parks Management and Maintenance

Includes mowing and horticulture maintenance for annual, perennials, re-vegetation, roses, shrub gardens, hedges and specimen trees. Also includes asset maintenance, playground maintenance, litter bins, public toilet cleaning and reporting. 

Sport's Park Maintenance 

Includes care of 6 sports parks, 1 grass cricket block, turf management, renovations, mowing, irrigation and asset maintenance.

Cemetery Services 

We are responsible for the day-to-day care and upkeep of all Manawatu’s cemeteries. As part of this service we provide grave preparation and presentation, public liaison (with Funeral Directors, family members, cemetery visitors etc.) We endeavor at all times to treat this most sensitive area of our business with the respect, tact and sensitivity it deserves.

Recent Project

The video below is of one of our teams most recent projects in the Manawatu, an installation of the Double Exeloo unit, which was manufactured and transported down from Auckland and installed in the largest sports field in Fielding - Timona Park. 

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