Recreational Services commenced work with Horowhenua District Council on 1st July 2015. With an unwavering focus of delivering outstanding services, our hard-working team has become a valued and integral part of this wonderful community.

In addition to the vast scope of services provided to the Council, our Horowhenua team also works very closely with the community, whether that be sponsorship of drink bottles, assisting local sports clubs and schools, providing equipment for special projects, and more. Taking great pride in its work and with a dedication to the community as a whole, the team is always willing to give time to help out wherever it may be needed.

Services We Provide

Parks Management and Maintenance

Includes mowing and horticulture maintenance for annuals, perennials, revegetation, roses, shrub gardens, hedges and specimen trees, along with asset and playground maintenance, litter bin management, and reporting.

Sports Park Maintenance

Includes the care of 10 sports parks, five grass cricket blocks, turf management, renovations, mowing, irrigation and asset maintenance.

Cemetery Services

With responsibility for the day-to-day care and upkeep of all Horowhenua’s cemeteries, our team provides grave preparation and presentation services, as well as public liaison with funeral directors, family members and cemetery visitors. We endeavour at all times to treat this most sensitive area of our business with the respect, tact and sensitivity it deserves.

Project Management & Construction 

Project Management services from initial scoping & design through to physical construction on all parks infrastructure capital projects and renewals projects. Our team has a broad range of skills with a focus on Turf, Playgrounds, Soft & Hard Landscaping, Parks Furniture and Aboriculture.