Recreational Services won its first contract with Environment Canterbury Regional Council—Kaunihera Taiao ki Waitaha—in 2018.

Since then the contract has grown to encompass Ashley in the Waimakariri District, all the way out to the Selwyn District and Geraldine in the South Canterbury District.

We started out with targeted chemical weed control along the Ashley River followed by maintaining gardens, gates and facilities. Our team is now also responsible for controlling nine target weed species within river berms for the Selwyn River/Waikirikiri Berm Transition Project (364,380 square metres) and the Ashley River/Rakahuri Berm Transition Project (248,060 square metres), and have supplied and installed 15,700 native plants and guards for the Selwyn Project and 25,860 for the Ashley Project.

Services We Provide

Includes track and accessway clearance; targeted weed control; planting (native species); site clearance and establishment; plant survival monitoring, watering and spraying; site inspections; mapping of weed control areas to determine area coverage quantities; facilities maintenance and gate security.