Who we are

As a family-owned company, it is people that matter to us most. 

From our first day in business, we have made an effort to invest time and resources into the people we hire. Consequently, we now employ some of the most passionate, dedicated and experienced people in the industry.

Our Directors and Senior Managers are involved in the day-to-day running of the business and have an open-door policy. We aim to operate in a transparent, open way and we value communication at all levels.

We have built our company on our technical ability so we are serious about innovation and achieving excellence. Yet it is not all about work. We host regular Social initiatives, Annual Birthday celebration and Christmas parties, and actively encourage staff to participate in the life of the company.

Our 4 pillars

With over 28 years in business and more than 450 employees throughout New Zealand, the key to our business success is our people and their dedication. The following underpins everything that we do, these are Recreational Services 4 Pillars. 


We as a team respect and help each other and have a shared passion for what we do. 

  • We look after each other because that is who we are.
  • We make sure our mates are safe because that’s what mates do.
  • We constantly try to improve what we do and what works best for us.
  • Every person counts and is appreciated for their contribution to the team.


We take personal responsibility for delivering the highest standards for our customers, our self, team and company.     

  • We look after and care for our plant, machinery and tools as if they were our own.
  • Our work is always the best that we can do for us and our clients.
  • We consider the impacts of our actions on people, property the environment and our clients.
  • Although I may not have the responsibility, I will take ownership.


We present ourselves in the best possible way; this is through our personal appearance, our equipment, the way we communicate and the job we do.

  • Will always do the job to the best of my ability and will be proud of what I do.
  • We always look our best in our uniform, look after our vehicles, plant and equipment, and act in ways which show our customers we care.
  • We communicate in an open and honest way.
  • We never leave the job unfinished.
  • We will treat the public as though they are our #1 customer.


We want to be the best that we can and constantly ask questions to be even better. 

  • We are trained in everything we do and so we can always deliver to a high standard.
  • We know what our customers want and exceed this where we can.
  • We look for ways we can improve our work and what we do for our customers.


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