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Taking care of green spaces and the natural environment is what our business is all about.

At Recreational Services we see our environmental responsibility as a critical part of the overall performance of our operations. As a company that values sustainability and meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It just makes sense.

Award-winning programmes 

The heart of our approach is our environmental systems which have been validated by the Toitū Enviro-Mark® – an internationally recognised environmental management programme owned by Landcare Research. In 2004, we began working towards Enviro-Mark® certification and since 2008 we have continuously held its highest level of certification - Diamond. This affirms that we have a robust Environmental Management System in place.

In 2017 we were awarded 'Outstanding Performance in Environmental Management Award' by Toitū Enviro-Mark®.

Our commitment is to conduct our operations with minimal impact on the environment, to comply with environmental legislation and continually improve our environmental performance. An annual audit from Enviro-Mark® ensures we maintain these high environmental standards.

The success of our operations at Recreational Services depends on full participation and strict adherence to health and safety best practices. 

Recreational Services Health & Safety Policy Statement 2019 [PDF]

The company has participated with ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices since 2006 and has maintained accreditation at the highest level Tertiary since 2007.

In 2018 the company attained Gold, the highest standard of accreditation, for the ACC Fleet Saver Programme. This demonstrates our strong safety culture; continuous improvement and progression towards best practice and that we have safety management systems in place to enable continuous improvements through training and other means for plant, machinery and equipment. 

Keeping our staff and the public safe

We strive to always have the best practices when it comes to health and safety. We follow a health and safety plan that ensures all practicable steps are taken to prevent personal injury and damage to property and that ensures the protection of our staff and the public from potential and existing hazards.

All of our staff participate in our Procedural Training System. This extensive training covers health and safety, operational, mechanical, health, safety and environmental training for all of our processes, tasks and machinery. Managers and supervisors at each depot are responsible for maintaining safe and healthy work conditions within the policy framework. We also have HSE Representatives who provide an initial inspection of sites before we commence work, to check for site-specific hazards.

In 2006 we were finalists in several categories of the NZ Workplace Health & Safety Awards, 'Participation in the Workplace' which we won and also a finalist for the 'Best Productivity Gain through Health & Safety Initiative'.

In 2007 we were also finalists in 'Best Initiative to Improve Employee Wellness' category and also 'Best Initiative to Promote or Communicate an Improved Safety Culture'. 

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