Our People

We are nothing without our people!

The right people can be the difference between parks perfection and mediocrity.  Since 1992 Recreational Services has grown from a team of 5 to a team of over 450 and through this period of growth we have developed a wonderful culture of family.  The notion of family is about supporting each other and having the hard conversations when we need to.  It is about loyalty and always being there through the good and the bad.  We have a diverse team from an educational, cultural and even career-driven perspective.  It is a team that we believe in and more importantly, it is a team that believes in Recreational Services.

To achieve our company vision we require people who have the passion, knowledge and skills to provide top performance. We attain high levels of these attributes through recruiting the right people, training and development of our people and retaining them and their industry and contract knowledge in the company. Our integrated Human Resources programmes encourage our people to recognise and develop their full potential.  We believe this contributes positively to our staff retention, workplace culture and contract performance.


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